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Send SMS to friends, colleagues, associations etc free with time4sms! How can this service be free? At the end of every message is a short advertisement text (microAd); this makes is possible to send SMS without any traffic or connection fees! We don’t send any advertisement SMS to our users and no users’ details are used for marketing purposes. Sign up for free!

As a registered user, you can create contact lists, send mass SMS to multiple recipients and use other advanced functions. You can also send messages without being a registered user – enter your mobile number and a one-time code will be sent to you. After that you can send an unlimited number of messages within 24 hours!

It is not allowed to send messages containing offensive or inappropriate information. Violators will be prosecuted. No material for the purpose of advertising may be distributed by users of time4sms. It is however allowed to send work related information between colleagues. This is a pre-release – beta v0.9 – which means that operational disturbances may occur and some functions may not be in use. Please send your comments or report problems to

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